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Do I need an Air Oil Separator? What if I have a Catch Can? Here is the real world difference

[fa icon="calendar'] May 29, 2019 6:00:00 AM / by Mike Wiener posted in Turbo Upgrades, Performance Modifications, Air Oil Separators

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Performance Cars | Air oil separators and catch cans. They do basically the same thing, or do they?

A recent post by a popular YouTuber got me thinking about these devices. Let’s put some real world experience on this topic.

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Custom Fabrication vs. Generic kits | Chasing Horsepower

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 19, 2019 6:00:00 AM / by Mike Wiener posted in Turbo Upgrades, Custom Headers, Miata turbo

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Building Horsepower | If you look at some of the largest output engines, they all utilize forced induction.

While many enjoy instant supercharger torque, there is something about a turbo that is just hard to put down.

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Building Horsepower Reliably in Colorado

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 3, 2019 7:00:00 AM / by Mike Wiener posted in Turbo Upgrades, Superchargers

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Building Forced Induction in Colorado | To make power, you need airflow.

The more air you can get into an engine, the more fuel you can match with it and the bigger the boom.

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E85 | more Turbo Power after you bolted on all those mods

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 13, 2017 10:30:00 AM / by Mike Wiener posted in Building Horsepower, Turbo Upgrades, E85

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Building Turbo Power in Colorado | Now that you have bolted on as many go-fast parts as you can find online, what’s next?

You read many forums, and the real issue is that you are still cautious because this is your daily driver.

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To Twin Scroll or Single | Matching Turbo to your motor

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 10, 2017 11:00:00 AM / by Mike Wiener posted in Turbo Upgrades

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When you make the leap to bigger turbocharger, the questions are many, choose a shop wisely. It will impact how your car drives and lasts.

We match every turbo to 3 factors: Driving style, reliability / street-ability, and budget. 4, 6, 8 cylinder motors, Gas & Diesel all require a very specific process to match the right turbo.

Turbos are nothing new, but turbo technology is consistently progressing. The latest technology is variable vane or geometry turbos for gasoline engines. These turbos have gas directing vanes that can move to adjust how the exhaust gases flow through the turbo.

As the vanes move, the A/R of the turbine housing changes, increasing spool or top end power. It's like having all the different A/R turbine housings in one. Unfortunately, there are only a few of these turbos on the market and most of them are OEM fitment for a Porsche. Because of this, we don't see too many variable vane turbos in aftermarket applications.

Another turbo technology related to the exhaust housing is TwinScroll Turbos.

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