High Performance projects / engine builds

Here are a few of the projects we have been working on, scroll down for more...

  • Dinan BMW dyno Colorado
  • Subaru Engine builder
  • 350z dyno pull Colorado
  • custom fuel internal tank
  • Fabrication services Turbo build
  • Supra Mk4 turbo build
  • Subaru exhaust work
  • Longmont Performance Shop

and more projects:

We have been very busy, getting the final touches on our dyno room, building customer motors for the new year and the constant Subaru tweaks and tunes of various additions to customers cars, Enjoy.

  • Toyota Supra Turbo fabrication
    Fabrication / wiring, plumbing to fuel system, this is going to be a great ride.
  • Supra turbo fabrication
    Toyota Supra Turbo, definitely not stock.
  • dyno performance
    Installation of new fan for Dyno room, this is going to move some air!
  • Subaru Performance Denver CO
    Subaru Turbo teardown.
  • Subaru turbo rebuild Denver CO
    The heads going off to the machine shop.
  • Subaru Engine Rebuilds
    One is the new block from Subaru, the other has a rod knock, a serious bearing failure.

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