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We at 5250 Performance have our own in-house tuner and other tuners, here you will find tuners that are equipped with the proper education & experience to help you get your car tuned. Not all vehicles with aftermarket piggyback tuners installed are supported by us. Please ask about your modifications when you fill out a form.  

  • We make it easy, if you want to do a baseline before a tune, just call and set up an appt. If you are ready for a tune, fill out the form and we'll get you on our schedule. We will ask you for a deposit of $50 as it takes time to setup, run and take down ramps, etc for your dyno run. Please be on time. Deposits are non-refundable.
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in-house tuner for 5250 Performance.

  • Turbo V8 gasoline cars & trucks
  • Turbo Subaru / Import cars
  • Rotary engine, NA & turbos
  • Non-Turbo trucks & cars
  • Race cars

Our shop comes with experience in add ons to custom builds over 1500 hp. If you want to start a conversation about your expectations, please fill out a form and ask for an appointment.

Colorado Dyno Tuning Shop