Mil Spec wiring for performance cars

With many options for adding performance, adding a stand alone ECU (for those who want big performance gains) is needed because piggybacks have many limitations when it comes to tuning.

we are doing more ECU upgrades / tunes than ever before. Being able to wire up a car is more than what it seems.

  • Bad wiring leads to poor performance and it is very hard to track it back to the source (meaning it can cost you a lot more money because it will have to be done over the right way).
  • Use the right connectors for the right job.
  • Use splices. Do not solder joints unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Use the right crimping tool.
  • Just because HF or Home depot sells a universal crimping tool, that doesn't mean it works on every connection.
  • Use the correct shielding / sleeve
  • When in doubt about a connector, start over.

And always make connections / wiring to handle the elements. Heat, water, and abrasive environments leads to failure.

This is why we use Raychem (along with other brands of quality wiring components).


Minimum Shrink temperature: 150°C [302°F]
Minimum Full Recovery Temperature: 175°C [347°F]
Operating Temperature Range: -75°C to 150°C [-103°F to 302°F] (per VG 95343 Part 5 Type D)

Specially formulated for optimum high temperature fluid resistance, and long term heat resistance. Resistant to aviation and diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils. Particularly suitable as a jacketing material for military ground vehicle cables and harnesses. It is also ideally suited for the demands of motorsport cable harnesses.

When used in conjunction with System 25 heat-shrinkable molded shapes and S1125 high performance adhesive, these products provide a complete cable harness system.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Why do I need Mil Spec wiring?

Mil Spec wiring gives your car not only the right look (tidy and clean), it also does the following:

Allows for proper diagnosis in minimal time if there is an issue.

Allows for improved performance as wires are protected from the elements of heat and cold (plus Colorado's changing weather conditions).

With proper technique and execution, your car shows quality workmanship and performance.

All real race cars have proper wiring, your car should as well.


[fa icon="plus-square"] Is there a wiring harness that accepts a stand alone ECU available for my car?

That comes down to what type of car you have. Fill out the form here in the right and we will dig into that for you. Most high performance cars will have options available. We are major supporters of Haltech ECU's and wiring harnesses. They are great to tune, easy to install (saving you money) and the support is excellent.

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