Performance Fabrication | We build high performance vehicles

There is a lot of value to be had when you find a shop that builds quality and lasting performance into your hot rod.  Not all shops are created equal.  It comes down to three important capabilities:

  1. Education / Communication
  2. Knowledge / Experience
  3. Equipment - the right equipment

This means knowing that bolting on parts to get more horsepower may work in the beginning, yet so many get frustrated when they move to the more complex higher output stages because someone, somewhere didn't do their homework.  And now you are paying for it.

welding_at_5250We have very little competition, why?  Because we strive to stay ahead of those who only see their short term vision.  

When we show you the best way to reach your target horsepower / safety / handling, etc. we are using all of the three variables above (meaning we have invested many hours long before this to be a professional shop).



  • Does that other shop have the level of consultation to help you make the right decisions, pull all of the right parts together and fabricate the right way to make it safe and fast?  We do.

We are a professional shop, just stop in and start a meaningful conversation to find out for yourself.  Even look at our site, dig deep and read our blog for good tips for power. We invest in all that is good for providing value to you the customer.  Pricing is important, and so is the work that makes them last and pull hard on track, on the street, and of course on the dyno. 

That is why our project vehicles perform as well as they do, they are professional grade (and a kick in the pants to drive).

  • drift brake fabrication
  • intercooler fabrication
  • larger turbo install
  • turbo housing repair
  • Subaru airbag system
  • Subaru turbo rebuild
  • Nissan drift car