Tuning for Horsepower

Tuning is more than just putting it on the dyno and trying stuff | Dyno is here, come and get your numbers.

We have a dyno ready and plan to offer services for many makes and models.  The important thing is that we want you to start a conversation so that we can help you plan ahead.  Do you have your own tuner?
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What is tuning?  Calibration of the engine control unit (ECU).  Calibration is necessary to adjust for the physical modifications made to your engine.
There are many different forms of tuning, and there are times it can be beneficial and there are times where it is a waste of money.  When you have the right level of information (at the right time), tuning can be very beneficial.
Because we have  invested in a dyno, we believe in tuning for the best performance.  There are also many opinions out there, and most cost you nothing (and give you the same in return).  Start a conversation with us if you are serious about moving to the next level, our experience in sports car set up / racing is much more than just the numbers.  It is about results.
  • Do you have a personal 'Tuner' that you want to do the work on your vehicle at our shop on our dyno?  Many do and this is a great way to have a consistent path to your expectations.

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