Haltech ECU and harnessHaltech ECU's offer a lot more than you think

Performance gains without the issues

Most performance cars are good at all around driveability and longevity, sometimes you want more. The piggybacks offer up the next level. For real capabilities, the need goes up for a quality ECU and is robust and reliable. That is the Haltech line of ECU's.

  • The biggest decision is to find one that fits your application. Speak with one of our experts in getting the product that best suits your needs. Not all cars will be compatible.

We offer excellent prices and when you buy from us, you get the warranty on the installation and on the product. Fill out the form here on the right and get started.

Some products will be available with wiring harnesses and some will need Mil-spec wiring to get your car working properly.

We also ask that you set up a dyno baseline so you know beforehand what the current performance is of your car.

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