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From simple maintenance items like oil changes and timing belt replacements to turbo / supercharger kit installations and transmission swaps, we can handle projects large and small.

  • Does your engine need an overhaul or some tuning?
  • What about a new front mounted intercooler for your 2011 Nissan GT-R?
  • Supercharger or Procharger?  5250 Performance has you covered, ask us.
  • Rotary Engine giving you trouble? We offer rebuild services for Turbo and NA performance engines.
  • SCCA race car repairs / fabrication services


  • Our experience is stellar, check out our gallery pages.
  • The benefit of working with us is more than a shop rate, you'll get additional information on your vehicle and how to improve your driving experience (at your chosen financial/driving level).
  • Ask us about taking your vehicle to the next level.
  • Check out our Dyno services
  • Do you have your own tuner?  You can rent dyno time with your own tuner

Things that we do:

  • Motor replacements / rebuilds
  • Turbo builds (Gas, Piston & Rotary) 
  • Supercharger builds (Procharger, Whipple, Edelbrock to name a few)
  • Head gasket replacement
  • Subaru firewall clutch pedal repair
  • Electrical diagnosis and repair
  • Power steering systems
  • Clutch upgrades, flywheel resurfacing
  • Driveline systems
  • Brake pad upgrades and recommendations
  • Brakes, replace, repair and improvement
  • Factory service maintenance
  • Drain and fill transmissions / differentials
  • Helping you get through emissions
  • Race track suspension alignment and builds
  • 4 corner weight scales and corner balancing

Things we do not provide:

  • Tire and Wheel mounting and balancing
  • Electronic OEM alignment 
  • Transmission power flush (automatics)
  • Removal of emissions equipment


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