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Subaru Firewall Repairs | Less money, better Repair

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 10, 2017 10:02:10 AM / by Mike Wiener

Denver Subaru Firewall RepairOur last Subaru firewall repair came in because the dealership work did not last. Get it right before your clutch fails.

Yes, this will happen.

Since 2008, Subaru has had some issues with the spot welds particularly on the firewall. The majority of the body panels in the car are glued together, but a few are still spot welded.

In one particular location, they use 6 spots welds to hold a mounting bracket for the pedal assembly to the inside of the firewall, just above the driver’s feet.

This is a similar construction technique to what has been used for decades in across many different automotive manufactures. But for some reason, Subaru didn't get it quite right.

Subaru Firewall RepairAny Subaru that comes through our shop built after 2008 gets a quick inspection. With an experienced eye for the details, it only takes a few minutes of going over the car to determine if the firewall spot welds have failed, but it takes a bit longer to fix the issue.

  • We have repaired over 20 vehicles, perfecting the process along the way.

The major concern with this failure is that when it shows signs of failure, it is paramount that it gets addressed as soon as possible. Once one of the six welds fails, the other welds and other parts of the car begin to fail quickly. That leads to costing more money as other components wear rapidly.

This is an issue that is widespread enough that it should be a Subaru recall, but it is not. Most of the cars that are affected do not experience symptoms until well after the 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty, leaving the owners with a hefty repair bill.

5250 Performance Subaru firewall repair | Subaru dealerships are charging as much as $1500 for the repair and taking over 2 weeks to complete the work. We have a better solution that costs a lot less, improves the strength of the firewall, and improves pedal feel.

Since most dealerships are not insured for welding work inside the car, they will send the car off to a body shop. This means work is being done on your car by a shop you don't know about. Worse yet, these dealership repaired vehicles are showing symptoms of the broken welds again within months of supposedly being fixed.

Our most recent firewall clutch pedal repair job was a perfect example of the dealership doing it wrong. They used non-structural rivets instead of welding to repair / secure the firewall. Within weeks of the repair, the rivets worked themselves loose and clutch pedal was losing functionality at a rapid rate.

Since the owner of the vehicle was under the impression that his issue was fixed, he kept driving the car. It wasn't long before the clutch was inoperable. This poor car ended up breaking the clutch release fork in two due to the extra stresses of the failed welds.

  • A new clutch, clutch fork, clutch pedal assembly, and clutch master cylinder were all required to make a proper repair.

After extensive research and development, we have built a process that correctly addresses the issue and gets you back on the road confidently.

Broken_firewall_weldsPlease don't take your Subaru to the Dealership for this repair. They simply don't understand the problem or are properly equipped to make the repair. We use a proven process with stainless steel hardware to permanently make a solid and secure repair of the failed welds.

We also weld in an additional support that braces the pedal assembly better than new. This is not the same brace you see being sold as a bolt-in fix to this issue.

Those braces do not work, and in many cases expedite the rate of failure. We have developed a repair procedure that takes only one day of work and costs up to 60% less of what the dealership would charge.

How much will it cost?

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Mike Wiener

Written by Mike Wiener