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Understanding the Subaru Firewall Repair

The Subaru firewall repair is not an easy repair. 

Getting it right is about having the knowledge, experience and tools. We have seen a lot of Subarus in Colorado get the job done right, and a few that have been repaired and ended up at our shop because it wasn't addressed / fixed correctly.

Since 2014, we have spent considerable time understanding the issues and testing various methods to come up with a sound solution that lasts. 

  • The best way to get it right is to have it properly inspected and repaired. 
  • One size repair technique is not the best for every car, some need added repairs because they have been that way for too long.

Fill out the form here on the right and we can get you on the schedule. Save money and get it right.

When we get to your inspection, we will fully explain what is currently affected and make recommendations / action plan for getting the firewall repaired as well as make sure that your clutch system is working properly (because the longer you wait, the more wear there is on the rest of the systems affected.