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[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 6, 2018 10:02:14 AM / by Mike Wiener

_0054_Smart_Boy-49-120439-edited.pngColorado Dyno Shop | With the recent changes here at 5250, we're going to need extra help.

In the next few weeks, 5250 Performance will be looking for a few new faces to help realize our vision to continue as a true performance shop.

We'll have more phones to answer, customers to schedule, cars to dyno, engines to tune, motors to build, chassis to fabricate, and someone to help things moving smooth along the way.

5250 Performance is a place where anything a high performance minded individual can imagine. We are constantly adapting to meet our customer's needs / deliver an improved driving experience. We have the equipment, tools, and resources we need to accomplish anything our customer's budget can handle, as long as it fits our standards of what is a good performance goal.

What makes a good 5250 hire? We are looking for individuals who can think beyond basic auto type repair, candidates must be able to bring knowledge and enthusiasm from their experience, utilize our resources and knowledge base and meet the end goal for our clients.

This often means thinking beyond just bolting on aftermarket parts, oftentimes being adaptable and focused on getting it right and on time is the difference between decent work and 5250 level results.

Hellcat performance upgrades ColoradoA strong work ethic is a cornerstone of our mission statement and is what has come to be expected from our clients.

We will have to do major mechanical work on a race cars, fabrication of specialty parts for unique applications, the list goes on. There are incentives for Technicians to do quality work within expectations of work orders. Techs should have their own tools and be willing to expand their collection. A basic understanding of mechanical theory is a must.

  • How much will you get paid?  We start experienced mechanics at 30/hour with quarterly bonuses and reviews for pay raises.

This does not mean a degree in physics. A Technician must understand how tools and the machines they are used on work. Improperly using tools leads to damaged parts and injured people.

This is a skill that is not usually learned, but inherited. Some people just don't have it, and never will. We are an automotive shop. Previous experience in automotive work is a must. Being an expert on a brand or model of cars is extremely beneficial, BS’rs / wannabes need not apply.

5250 Performance has a Mustang Dynamometer AWD-150. While we offer tuning and real time diagnostics with our dyno, we also rent out dyno time for those who want to test and tune themselves. We need operators to load and unload vehicles as well as operate the vehicle on the dyno when it is being rented.

I want to work at a dyno shop | What does it take to be a mechanic / dyno operator?
Understanding vehicles, good problem solving skills is needed to become a dyno operator and is a great stepping stone to becoming a good, hands-on tuner.

Colorado Dyno Shop | Tuning isn't for everyone, we expect strong results.

If the tuner is not a "5250 Performance Qualified Dyno Operator" they will need one to operate the dyno while they are here.

Tuners, Calibrators, Programmers, we want to hear from all of you. As a dyno shop, we want our customers to get the power expected from their build. .

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5250 Performance is a 6000 sqft facility in the Northeast corner of Longmont. We have an AWD Mustang Dyno, 3 lifts, 4 bays, and plenty of climate controlled indoor work area. While we specialize in turbocharging, supercharging, we work on all makes and models.

We have full fabrication services in Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. We also specialize in electronics and unique wiring projects.

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Written by Mike Wiener