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Turbo Performance | Custom vs. Online Purchasing

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 18, 2017 8:30:00 AM / by Mike Wiener

Turbo Fabrication ServicesWhat's the difference between what I can buy online and what 5250 fabricates?

The biggest difference is going to be quality, fit and performance.

When our customers expectations demand custom components for increased turbo performance, we are able to build to tighter tolerances than a mass produced item that can be found online.

Quality performance comes at a price. Fabricated parts will always be more expensive than a similarly mass produced part.

Tolerances are what make our world work. If the OEM's did not follow strict tolerance guidelines when they make parts, things would not last very long or even work at all. When you expect higher dyno numbers and quality craftsmanship, there is no substitute for getting it right.

Performance cars are manufactured to very strict tolerances, and we all like it that way. While engine parts are measured in micro and nano-meters, body panels gaps are measured in millimeters. Some cars rolling off the assembly line will have larger body panel gaps than others, but they all fit within specific tolerances.

Let's take the example of a Intercooler. There are many different kits you can purchase online and they all do the same thing.

The goal is to push air from the turbo, through the intercooler core, and then to the throttle body. Since every car is a little bit different, the intercooler manufacturer has to make sure there is enough clearance between everything to account for vehicles on both sides of the spectrum.

They also have to decide what common modifications enthusiasts do to make sure their products will fit. This leads to compromises. Tight bends and long pipes cause additional friction which saps power and induces lag.

When we custom fabricate intercooler piping, we follow our own expectations and tolerances. The parts fabricated in-house are very specific to your vehicle.

Why this matters? Well, some turbo piping makes it difficult to retain OEM placement of alternators and air conditioning.

Why would you want to get rid of AC? Custom Fabrication is all about getting the best performance in the space available without compromising your vehicle.

Turbo Fabrication ServicesWe don't care if you have brand X Air Oil Separator instead of the most popular brand Y. The goal is to build it so that it performs well and is packaged properly within the constraints of your engine bay, expect nothing less.

We will make it to perform well on the dyno and look good too. Because we don't have to make it fit all the slightly different cars out there, we can make the pipes fit as efficiently and aesthetically as possible. This leads to smoother bends, shorter piping, faster spool, and higher power output from our AWD dyno.

How do you want to drive?


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