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[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 20, 2017 9:48:29 AM / by Mike Wiener

Meth inj or E85?When modifying your car, you might decide that fueling alternatives may improve your driving expectations.

The most popular on the street are Methanol Injection and E85. Now picking between these can be tricky due to their pros and cons.

Picking your fuel power-adder can be a tough decision so you need to figure out which of the two you would like to run as to which fits your needs.

Straight switch to E85 with tuning will allow up to 10-20% hp gain. E85 allows for more spark advance and/or boost with a lesser chance of knock and pre-detonation while burning cooler keeping EGTs low. E85 has a higher octane acting as race gas up to 110 octane while only being $2-$3 a gallon.

.....But with this comes draw backs.

E85 can be hard to find. It is not a problem when you drive 12 miles to work and have several E85 stations on the way, data is good at this point.

When not running flex fuel you are limited on where you can go without carrying Jerry cans. E85 can be complicated and extend starts. Most fuel systems are not compatible with E85 so you will likely need to get applicable fuel injectors, fuel pump and maybe even fuel lines. You will also experience a large fuel economy drop and E85 requires more fuel to burn efficiently.

Colorado methanol injection


Methanol Injection can be very convenient as you do not have to switch fuels since the meth injection only injects when in boost or when told to by the controller so depending on driving habits and the size of your tank you may only need to fill your methanol tank once every month everyday driving!

Methanol acts as a quick octane booster up to 110 octane depending on methanol %. Methanol does not hurt your gas mileage as you are still running pump gas. And like E85, it allows for more spark advance.

Denver High Performance Shops | When the tank ends up dry during a wide open throttle pull, be aware that pre-detonation and lean outs may occur causing catastrophic engine failure. Though methanol will now allow for as much spark advance and will not give as much of a gain as E85 it allows for the convenience factor. This can be pricey and time consuming for install. To get a quality kit you could be looking at up to $900 as this is not something you want to cheap out on.

These the largest differences between these two alternative fueling options. While both bring similar gains, cost and convenience are usually the deciding factors.

A good rule to follow is to gather as much realistic data online, then talk with shops who have experience in this area. Then make a good decision (for both, your wallet and driving expectations).

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