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Superchargers | What is right for your Car / Truck

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 2, 2017 10:00:00 AM / by Mike Wiener

Supercharger ColoradoColorado Supercharger Shop | Want more power? Thinking about adding a supercharger to your V8?

Our experts spend valuable time matching / sizing every forced induction project before we start to ensure that our customers get realistic gains without losing drivability.

At 5250 Performance, we are authorized Supercharger dealers / tuners and installers of two potent supercharger systems.

We build high performance centrifugal style ProChargers and roots style Edlebrock E-Force systems. These two systems offer amazing performance, the choice depends on how you want to drive. 

If you want all out power, we recommend the ProCharger. The ProCharger uses a centrifugal style blower that is belt driven through a gearset.

The compressor wheel needs to be spinning upwards of 50,000 rpm to move sufficient air to build boost. Capable of supporting from 350 to over 1000hp in a single supercharger, these are the units you want for big power.

The ProCharger needs to be spinning fast and will ramp up in power as the rpm's rise, making peak power towards redline. This makes the ProCharger street friendly as it won't cause the tires to spin everytime you crack the throttle. Like a exhaust driven turbo, it needs a moment to build boost.

Edelbrock E-Force supercharger systems are built around a roots style Eaton TVS Supercharger. Roots style compressors are of the positive displacement type. Build out for this system comes in 3 different stages, all the way up to Professional tuner systems for serious racing.

This means that for every rotation of the supercharger, it moves large volumes of air. If the engine can suck in the air fast enough, it builds boost, even at very low engine speeds. This translates into greatly improved throttle response and amazing low end torque.

The trade off for all that instant power is decreased output at higher rpm's as the efficiency of the compressor drops off. E-Force systems support up to 600hp of tire melting fun. Does your 6.2 LS motor have 600 hp?

Other things to consider when comparing the two kits are the type of intercooling, completeness of the kit, underhood look, and emissions compliance.

Providing custom fabrication services and tuning to build out performance accessories is something we are good at. Putting it on our dyno before and after is another great way that ensures you get the power you desire. We highly recommend this approach.

The E-force kits use a water-to-air intercooler that fits under the supercharger while the ProCharger utilizes a large air-to-air intercooler mounted in front of the radiator. ProChargers look like large shiny aluminum turbochargers especially with the aluminum charge piping going to and from the intercooler.

E-Force kits fit on top of the motor yet under the hood making for a cleaner engine bay and a more OEM look. Both kits include larger fuel injectors, belts brackets pulleys, engine tuners and everything you will need to complete the install, but only the E-Force kits include new OEM style lines and covers for a very sleek look.

While most ProCharged cars will pass emissions, only the E-Force systems are certified 50 state legal. 

  • Which one do you have?  Corvette, Camaro, Mustang, Challenger, Truck / SUV.
  • More power = more fun.
There are many differences between the two styles with each having pros and cons over the other. If you're not sure which is the right kit for you, fill out a form here, set up 30 minutes to stop by the shop for a consultation.


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