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Subaru Performance Upgrades | Delivering on our promise Part 2

[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 27, 2015 5:30:00 AM / by Mike Wiener

IMG_4580-185021-editedPart 2 | We got the increased power where it belongs, heading to the wheels, here is the rest of the story...


Because Andrew has worked with us before, he is confident in our abilities, and with that we are even more excited about getting our own dyno in the coming weeks. Andrew will certainly be receiving quality dyno time (without the wait) for being a loyal customer.  

Now, I turn my skills to TIG welding and creating the right exhaust to help Andrew get the power to the wheels and meet his timeline and expectations.

IMG_4562-886438-editedSubaru Performance | We have 6 days before Andew's tune. We order an EFR 7163 through one of my tried and true vendors and some flanges and wait for the delivery person. Parts show up Monday afternoon, his tune is Thursday morning. By Tuesday night, we have half the kit fabricated and ceramic coated. When it comes to expectations and outcomes, this is no exception, getting it right matters to us.

It is Wednesday night 11:00pm, and we have just done it.  We have build the new turbo system for Andrews Subaru.  The car felt great on its initial drive, the new EFR turbo works very well.  First impression is that the throttle response is almost like an NA motor, I like that.  This is the best part of our work, putting it all together and getting the first drive out of the way with positive results.

Performance Upgrades | We got it right, and Andrew has more power, reliable power.It is now Thursday, and Andrew is at his dyno tune session, our work is done so here is the data that tells the real story:  

Here is how the story ends for the blog, but we did in 2 days what Full Race is claiming 5-8 weeks. Andrew did make the appointment at MAC dyno tune, and here are the results (of course it is much better when felt in the drivers seat):  

We are confident that when Andrew pulls out onto the long entrance ramp and puts his foot down, the smile on his face will undoubtedly grow and grow.
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