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Dyno Shop | Why you shouldn't rush your tech for the job to be done

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 12, 2017 8:30:00 AM / by Mike Wiener

Brandon Adams 5250 PerformanceHigh Performance Dyno Shop | Failures happen. It’s the nature of the automotive industry.

Dyno Shop rule #1: Keeping your tech straight minded..... is a good way to prevent miniscule to extreme failures.

Far too often do I see customers try to rush their techs to get the job done.

Whether they want to make it to a meet, show or race. It can wait.
In the past I have let cars leave without feeling 110% confident that the car was complete in order to make the customer happy. Trust me when I say that it hardly ends well. When you rush the job you defeat the purpose of bringing your car to a professional.

  • Now that I work for 5250 Performance, management (and myself) have to sign off on every work order relating to every customers car.

When you rush the job, the tech can and does cut corners to get the job done. Bolts get forgotten and steps are missed which can lead to catastrophic failure. Maybe forgetting to tighten exhaust clamps. Having an exhaust pipe fall off on the highway is bad news.

And if that tech was not rushed that might have been avoided by allowing the tech to check over their work and sign off on car and the fancy new exhaust just installed would be intact.

Dyno Shop ColoradoWhen your tech works at their own pace. They are able to properly test the systems they have touched and double/triple check their work to ensure that the work they have done is quality and will last long after the car is rusted out.

Like me, most technicians take pride in their work. When work is rushed, its not neat and tidy.... and to be honest its hard to sleep at night when a car leaves that is not checked over. Please allow your technician time to properly perform the work.

You are paying for quality work, might as well let them do it!


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