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Do I street tune or Dyno Tune?

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 6, 2017 7:00:00 AM / by Mike Wiener

Dyno Tuning vs. Street Tuning

The debate between car enthusiasts as to whether you should you should have your tuning done on the street or on the dyno brings out many opinions.

We prefer to steer clear of the realities of tuning on the street. Who wants a ticket or cause an accident because you are tuning? Performance, true reliability and driveability is the goal, right?

And the fact of the matter is, both will give results. Each tuner should be accountable for the results of the tune, reliability, performance and driveability. This is where the differences spread wide. 

Street tuning is a large distraction to the driver. And the fact that the driver must monitor certain gauges and such while driving, and that only adds to the distraction. Getting into an accident while tuning is the last thing you need!

Dyno tuning is by far the safest option.

Since the car is able to be driven hard and at different speeds on the dyno. This eliminates chances of getting a ticket or causing an accident on the road, while making adjustments and tuning in a controlled, safe environment. If it is good enough for an SCCA race car, it is ready for your street car.

With a fully capable dyno (with road simulation software) you can simulate real road driving, as well as adding load when you need it! Once you have tuned with an Eddy current brake, any other method does not compare!

Being able to tune cell by cell with steady holding rpm or speed is more effective than having to find hills and waiting on traffic to do pulls just to monitor a single cell.

Once we are through with our dyno runs and calibration, it is good to take the car out on the street for some simple testing to verify driveability, the process and tune in the real world.

Dyno Tuning ColoradoI prefer to tune on the dyno, It’s safer, faster, easier, and you get to see the real difference of the before and after. Having a professional dyno at your disposal is a very good tool if your goal is to have cars that perform as expected with minimal headaches, most of our customers will agree. And all can be completed in a short order, most dyno tunes take less than half a day.

Street tuning can also be very time consuming for the owner. Plus, when something goes wrong whether the motor blew or just a simple boost pipe failure. It is nice being in the shop and not in a busy intersection or on the side of the road wondering how long you'll be stranded there.

Be smart about your performance car, the quick fix is never the best move, making good decisions leads to solid gains in performance and reliablity.

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Mike Wiener

Written by Mike Wiener