Got a firewall that needs repair?


Check out these blog posts on Subaru firewall repairs:


Subaru Firewall Repair shop


Subaru Firewall Repair done right | Knowing the right way to get back to your performance standards

Above, we have several of our blog posts on the subject of firewall failures and how to get back on the road with a reliable repair. 

We know that driving your Subaru hard is part of why you have one, it loves to be driven. With that comes stress on everything, including the clutch pedal assembly and the firewall it is connected to. This is why we have addressed the real culprit and come up with a solid solution that only involves one full day at the shop. 

Dealerships don't really want to deal with it and for them it takes weeks. Talk to us and let us help you get your Subaru back on the road with a reliable fix that lasts.