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Turbocharging | How much power will this make?

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Getting the numbers right where you want them

Building horsepower is a major component of what we do here at 5250.  The question is, what is your target number?


  • on a turbocharged vehicle, max power is based on the size of the turbocharger, make sure that you pick one that responsive across the power band.
  • Turbo selection should never be selected based on max output.
  • Know all the information regarding your choices, talking to us is a good start, especially when the costs can get out of hand quickly.
  • Have a power goal and a realistic budget in mind.  Once you get that, then you can start building your performance car, talk is cheap.
  • Have a performance V8 and want to go with a supercharger, but which one? They are not all the same when it comes to high altitude. Choose wisely.
  • Ready to upgrade to the next level? Choose wisely the right shop and the right parts. 



What is your target Horsepower?

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