Colorado Rotary Engine Dyno ShopGive your Rotary Engine some love

The rotary engine is still very much alive with enthusiasts from SCCA racing to street performance.  Getting power from your rotary engine is different than the traditional pistion engine.


After 25 years of SCCA racing experience with rotaries, we have the expertise to diagnose, remove, and rebuild rotary engines. From the 12A to 13B to even 20B motors, the power is in the details, the reliability is in the experience of knowing what works, what parts are necessary and what porting templates create the best power without reducing reliability.


Before you start adding power upgrades to your rotary engine, it is recommended that you get a baseline of power and analysis of the condition of your engine.

We have already seen several FD's come in and the owners had no clue that their motor was on the brink of becoming a brick.  

Turbocharging is a good thing, doing it without proper understanding of how a motor with a rotating combustion chamber is not a good thing. Timing for fuel and ignition is very different than a piston engine.

  • Porting affects power across the rpm range, be aware of what you are getting when you go after greater flow. Should you increase the ports? We love porting for high hp and flow.

All Questions are important, do you know what oil pressure you should have with 12 lbs of boost? Do you know what adding a lightweight flywheel / counter weight can do for your street driving? All good things, be in the know. 

  • We highly recommend that a proper compression test be done on all rotaries before modifications. This way we know what condition the seals / springs are in before building additional horsepower.
  • All engines are required to have a baseline dyno pull to ensure that the benefits are best displayed through actual numbers, not guesswork.
  • Our Mazda expert will walk you through your rotary engine build to make sure you are getting the best rotary experience from start to final dyno pull. Brap, Brap!