Want to learn more about gaining horsepower while maintaining drivability?


Horsepower gains | Getting it right isn't as Easy as one would think. 

Even easier to love when it all comes together and works as intended.

Building high horsepower / handling cars has been a passion for a long time.  With extensive training and real world experience, 5250 knows how to win.  

This is what we really deliver to our customers:

  • Understanding your driving skill level to better equip you with the performance you want, and can handle.
  • Going beyond the details to bring your experience to a higher level.
  • Encourage conversation to take it from current platform to one or two notches above.
  • Keep you informed at every step, increasing your confidence in driving and enjoyment. 
  • When you are ready for more, we are there to help you reach it.

For some shops this isn't even part of the process, for us it really is that easy when you have the right knowledge, experience, and team members.

How many performance shops can deliver bolt on improvements all the way to full blown race car with crew services at the track?