One of the best questions to ask 'before'

you start adding performance parts

Anyone can bolt on parts (well, not anyone), the key here is to understand the costs / risks before you blow it up.  You can go ahead and make something work with little information, many do and have adequate results or blow it up and make excuses.  We like to bring value that is more than just horsepower gains, so ask yourself these questions:

  • So, you want to make 400, 500 horsepower?  Do you have a plan?
  • Adding power means you will have to compromise, are you ready for that?
  • This too will change the way you drive, so you need to be prepared.  Now is the time to ask a lot of questions.

For example, Subaru's are great motors / cars to make solid gains in horsepower, handling, and looks, they just beg to be modified.  Put in an improved clutch disk and now you have greater bite, less heat and improved acceleration, what does all of that translate to?

It causes the driveline to wind up faster, thus putting more stress on every component in the driveline, before you didn't notice that the axles are now being stressed, are you ready to replace them?  What axles work best?  The story continues.  This is why we research and build our own cars and test them, we know a lot more than just what is in our blog when it comes to horsepower / driveline improvements.  Now, start a conversation.....

I want more power, where do I start?