Getting through emissions | What do I need?

5250 Performance Longmont Colorado

While your vehicle is making lots of horsepower, it still has to pass emissions testing.  

If you have failed emissions or think you will, contact us.  We have experience in getting your turbocharged vehicle to the next level.

Emissions in Colorado doesn't have to be a major problem when you use the right shop / parts to be compliant. We have one of the best cats available for high performance engines. 

Fill out the form here on the right to get the information you need to be emissions compliant.

Building horsepower doesn't have to kill the envinronment. 

Contact us on how to best utilize your engines potential and get through emissions.

Pass Emissions in Colorado | We work hard for our customers to get the power output as well as keep things right for the environment while driving on the street.  Of course if you are using one of our competition engines (not for street use), then that is a different story.