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[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 29, 2016 11:45:42 AM / by Mike Wiener

12219387_975617845838352_5588662811202233208_n.jpgThe Subaru motor is a solid platform for making ‘more power’.

We have built over 20 high performance motors for customers in recent memory. With that we have encountered many parts that seem like good ideas and then it turns out differently, that is what experience brings you.

While knowing what performance parts are a good start, it is very good also to know what not to do.

For all seeking more performance from their car, getting a baseline of your actual car before you start adding any parts is a great way to know that what you feel afterwards can be measured. The benefit of 5250 is that we have over 8 tuners available to tune your car once the performance build is up to your expectations. We recommend having a baseline before you start adding parts.

  • Why? I know what it feels like, and the stock configuration numbers are a good start.

That statement is very full of assumptions, which is one of the very reasons we bought a dyno. Here is a scenario that might help you understand ‘why’ a baseline is money well spent.

Ok, you have a stock Subaru, it puts out 230 hp based on OEM specs. But does it? What if you put in the various intake / up-pipe / down pipe and then show up for one of our dyno days and it only puts out slightly above the stock numbers, hmmm.

  • Who is to blame? The parts, the car, the dyno shop?

Sure, you can go that route (the easiest), however, if you had a baseline hp / tq sheet from last month, you will know with a high level of accuracy where the trouble lies. And that is a great place to understand the actual condition of your engine before you start modifying it.

If you have a weaker engine than ‘stock’ and you start adding performance products, guess what the chances are that you will blow up that motor? And how much now will that cost you.

Subaru Dyno BaselineA dyno baseline is a good way to check the condition and get another pair of experienced eyes to look at and give you a overall performance check up that helps you avoid costly mistakes.

The choice is yours, having all systems up to specs so your motor can handle the power boost is a lot better (and less expensive) than just winging it and hoping that with added boost / performance your car will last more than a few weeks.


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Written by Mike Wiener

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